distribution. Conclusion Global health troubles are complex, requiring the multifaceted approach for powerful solutions. Nurses, with their various kinds of skill sets and motivation, are at the forefront connected with addressing these challenges. The particular annotated bibliography presented the following showcases evidence-based nursing rivalité that have made a significant influence on maternal and child wellness, infectious disease control, non-communicable diseases, mental health, devastation response, and health justness. As healthcare continues to change, nurses remain adaptable along with innovative, developing interventions which will respond to the changing landscaping of global health challenges. By acknowledging the vital task of nurses in approaching these issues and by constantly supporting their efforts, we will work together to build a healthier and more equitable world for everyone. Nursing interventions are not simply just actions; they are the embodiment for compassion, expertise, and the unwavering commitment to improving medical and well-being of individuals together with communities worldwide."/>

Intercontinental Health Challenges: Annotated Bibliography of Nursing Interventions

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